Monday, July 5, 2010

While making purchases of fruit and vegetables at a neighborhood market, a friend and his son, quietly agitated, gave their opinions about Hillary Clinton’s trip to Armenia and the proposed surrendering of the liberated territories. “Serge is a patriot,” the son said. “He won’t give up anything.“

The father, noticeably irritated, responded: “Apparently you don’t know how our government runs. Clinton is coming, just to remind our leaders what they have to give up to have peace. She’ll remind them that the Russians and Europeans want Armenia to give up the territories, and whatever else follows. Nothing will be signed while she's here, though. But one day soon we’ll hear Serge say, ‘We have no choice; if we want to have peace, and not lose more of our sons, we have to agree to what they say.’ Then, the fireworks will start. War will break out. If there’s a danger of losing the territories, our boys will go and fight. And if left alone, we’ll win.

“But the big powers, especially Russia, can control the outcome. Our side, our leaders, will know in advance that the purpose, and result, of the war will be losing the territories. That way, they think, no one will blame Serge, that at least Armenians fought for the lands. The fact remains that those who go and fight will all be sacrificed, and this will be known ahead of time.

“I hope I’m wrong. But the big powers control everything; in time you’ll see I’m right.”

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