Sunday, July 25, 2010

A legal expert commented on the recent international ruling stating it was legal for Kosovo to declare independence (thus self-determination winning over territorial integrity), and the decision’s possible implications concerning Karabagh: “In normal circumstances, this would open the door for the world to recognize Karabagh’s independence. But we have to remember the reaction in the West when Kosovo first declared independence, and Armenians saying that this would help Karabagh to receive international recognition. Their reaction was the predictable ‘Kosovo is a different situation, a different reality, from Karabagh, there is no connection between the two, etc.’ Well, the West is no doubt preparing a similar response to Armenians’ demands now. Do you really think the West is going to forget Baku’s oil and strategic location (concerning the US and its military interests)? Armenians are again making demands, after the latest Kosovo rulings, but it’s all a show. Those in the know realize this.”

About the fiasco concerning the opening of foreign language schools in Armenia, the expert had this to say: “I still regret I had a Russian education. Sure, I speak Armenian well, but I think, dream in Russian. The brain is wired for Armenian, and you mix it up with Russian.

“And the schools, without trying, will become elite schools. They’ll be well funded, very well funded. Regular Armenian schools will become second rate, not that they’re in good shape now.

“In normal countries, people make sure their own citizens, even those visiting or studying from other countries, master the language of the country. No one else does this, open foreign language schools. Let everyone learn Armenian, in Armenian schools, then later let them learn as many languages as they want.

“I think this is part of the plan, which we all know exists, of outside powers trying to ruin Armenian culture. By lessening the importance of the Armenian language, not to mention the promotion of sects by outside sources, well, what can I say, things don’t look good.”

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