Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is a video clip of Sargis Davtyan playing zurna and duduk, appearing on Shant TV’s duduk competition after having been removed from the competitive part of the show the week before. The listener can decide if Davtyan’s removal was just.

Commenting in front of the audience that had gathered, Davtyan said he knew that if the winner would be chosen by how many SMSs he received, that he didn’t have a chance, but that he was the real winner of the competition, and that if any of the other contestants thought he was the better duduk player, that they could play side by side and see who was best. This comment, naturally, was edited out of what was shown to television viewers.

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Ara Stepan Melkonian said...

Although I don't have any qualifications in music, I should like to congratulate Sarkis on his marvellous playing. His versatility and the quality of his playing on both zourna and duduk was unmatched by any other player in the competition. If there was any justice or fair play in that and similar competitions, people like him - talented and honest - would win. I hope he wont be too discouraged by the so-called judges who only listen to money and not talent.
I wish him all the best for the future - and me he continue to play!