Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hasmik’s performance of lullabies of Mush and Akn, at the Sept. 4 Shoghaken Ensemble concert in Yerevan. The lullaby from Mush is “Taroni Oror,” and the one from Akn (region of Kharberd) is “Oror Jojk Em Kapel,” the latter transcribed by Mihran Toumajan, student of Komitas. Gevorg Dabaghyan on duduk; Karine Hovhannisyan on kanon.


Ara Stepan Melkonian said...

Marvellous performance!

Hrant said...

What a coincidence. The reference to Mihran Toumajian..

I had the chance to meet with him when I first arrived in Yerevan in 1970 as a student at YSU.

Met the gentleman, who stayed at the old Hotel Yerevan on Abovyan St, through his nephew Dikran.

Mihran had been invited by the government to finalize his multi-volume "Yerg ou Ban" collection.