Sunday, February 28, 2010

Armenia’s patriotic unions are suddenly appearing on the scene, talking about defending the liberated territories in case of attack, etc., while word has it that Armenian males under 40 aren’t being allowed, or with difficulty, to leave the country by way of Zvartnots airport. Is war in the air? As an in-law put it, if war breaks out, Armenians will again rise to the occasion, but, “will it be like before, with hundreds, maybe thousands, of Haystantsis volunteering to fight? The Karabaghtsis in charge here are making that difficult. For example, soon, later this spring, someone from the Karabaghtsi elite is opening a new taxi service, with at least 1,000 vehicles, and will be working at a price of 60 drams per kilometer (current price, 100 dram), which will in effect put all other taxi services out of business. They want everything, from the Internet to taxi services, what next?”

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