Monday, February 15, 2010

A conference is planned this upcoming April at the Genocide Institute in Yerevan, concentrating on cultural genocide, in this case the destruction of Armenian monuments by the Turks, Azeris, and Georgians. As a neighbor put it, “This is all true, what the Turks and others are doing, but why not tell the truth about what’s going on in Armenia? Haven’t people seen the condition of Hovhannavank, Sanahin, Kobayr, Goshavank, Odzoun, and countless others? These monasteries and churches are suffering a slow death due to our neglect. It took an Arab Sheik to pay for the restoration of Haghardzin. Where are our rich, and what are they doing? Building lavish restaurants and casinos, not to mention nightclubs.

“The rich should be building factories, not these ridiculous restaurants and hotels. Pictures what would happen to Armenia if 3,000 rich Diaspora Armenians, or rich Hayastantsis, for that matter, all built factories? Even small factories...we don’t need General Motors, just normal factories. Our people would go to work, and our country would blossom.”

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