Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts by Hayastantsis about the Protocols and the green light given by the Constitutional Court:

“I don’t know what my party is waiting for,” the young Dashnak said, “to demand Serge’s resignation. For him to sign away Western Armenia? To give back the liberated territories? For Azeris to move back into Karabagh? I know one thing, I don’t have my party’s patience...I say demand resignation now.”

An older Armenian stated, “Opening the border at this stage will finish this country off. I can picture it now, Turks buying up Northern Avenue, and most of Gyumri. And this, with what the Iranians are doing. They’ve bought all of Tigran Mets street, all the businesses. Do you know what they call Komitas Boulevard now? Tehran Street. I see them everywhere, in yertughayin taxis, and even as neighbors...there are several living right across the street. One of the university dormitories in Zeytun is strictly Iranian.”

I then asked if he thought these were Iranians, or Azeri Turks, coming from the north of Iran.

“I was afraid you’d ask that,” he said. “They’re all Azeris, the same ones who left Armenia when the Karabagh war started. Where did they go? To northern Iran, which is all Azeri. They obtained Iranian citizenship, then moved back here. They already speak Armenian, from having lived here, so they fit in easily. Does our government of traitors know this? Of course, but they don’t care.

“Can you picture what the Azeris would do if an Armenian went to Baku and tried to live there? Can you picture what the Azeris would do if an Armenian even tried to cross the border into Azerbaijan? They’d kill him. And we, meaning our supposed government, welcome them back...”

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