Monday, January 18, 2010

Concerning populating the liberated territories:

A male Dashnak was principal of a school in a small village in the territories. A patriotic individual, he saw it his duty to help populate these regions, for obvious reasons. Along with his family, they lived and worked in the village, which had no electricity. Running water was an unheard of luxury; villagers have to walk about 20 minutes to obtain water.

The individual, needing more of an income to be able to continue to live in the village, applied for a loan, to a bank in Karabagh, for about $1,000, to be able to buy an animal or two, probably a cow.

The loan was rejected. The individual was forced to move his family back to Armenia.

This person’s application for a loan, and his leaving the territories, is no secret to anyone, including higher-ups in government and the political parties.

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