Thursday, January 7, 2010

In response to the comments about the two most recent entries to Yerevan Journal:

A close friend in his fifties, after waiting on a not-so-desirable university-age male in his store, turned to me and said, “This generation is in terrible condition.” I can’t say all of the current generation is ruined, as many say, yet with the power of television, and with the wrong people controlling it in Armenia (and elsewhere), the statement is basically right. I was heartened by what was written in several Armenian blogs in recent days, with several Hayastantsi youth protesting about the state of culture in Armenia, and the garbage the television stations are producing and promoting. So all is not lost, yet, most youth fall for what they see on television, not only in Armenia but anywhere in the world, and with Armenian television inundated with low grade rabiz, pop, mafia serials, and comedy, this is what becomes the norm, and, sadly enough, the guiltiest television stations are the ones being shipped by satellite across the world, ruining the tastes and culture of Armenians everywhere.

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