Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Vanadzor-born Armenian now living in Siberia had an interesting take on the future of Armenia: “I’ve been in Yerevan for just a week, and I’m already counting the days till I leave. It’s not that I’m not enjoying seeing people, the good food, the good times. But I’m seeing things I didn’t see here in the past, and I don’t see these things as positive. For instance, in the way people dress, carry themselves, it’s like I’m in Istanbul, or, even more so, Baku. Not so much the older set, but the youth. There are plenty of smart, well educated youth, but most are like Turks, in the way they dress and act, and the music they listen to.

“On one hand, I can’t blame them. I’ve been in Los Angeles, and sometimes it’s hard to tell Armenian youth from Mexican. People are only so strong, and most get swept up by the culture of where they’re living.

“Here, we’re surrounded by Moslems...Iranians and Azeri Turks to the south, Azeris to the east, Turks to the west, and Georgians, who are Christian one day, Moslem the next, to our north. So here’s my point. Even though we talk about losing or keeping Karabagh, Genocide recognition, corruption in Armenia, etc., I think the most important issue we’re facing is that we’re losing our national characteristics, culture, and way of life. We can blame it on a bad government, on sects, and all that, but even though these things make a difference, let’s be realistic. We’re a small nation, surrounded and being swallowed up by Moslem Turks and others. And there’s nothing we can do about it.”

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