Friday, August 28, 2009

An actual conversation between a Hayastantsi farmer and a Karabaghtsi, today in Goris:

“Tell me what’s going to happen to our Karabagh,” the Karabaghtsi said. “Are we going to lose it?” The Hayastantsi replied, “That’s up to Armenia’s president and defense minister, both Karabaghtsis. We have no say in the matter.”

“Too bad all this happened,” the Karabaghtsi said. “We were doing fine before the war. We got along with the Azeris real well, then you Hayastantsis started making demands, to free Karabagh. From what? From whom? All was well.”

“If that’s the way you feel,” the Hayastantsi said, “be sure of this. Our boys aren’t about to volunteer, by the thousands like last time, to save your necks if the war starts again.”

“You have no choice,” the Karabaghtsi said. “We’ve taken care of that. Now the Armenian army will take care of us. We don’t need your volunteers.”

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