Thursday, August 27, 2009

A 19-year-old university student from a good family committed suicide. At the hogihangist, there were so many people that if one wanted to, he could say he had been there, and no one would have known if he was telling the truth or not.

On the side, people wondered why someone so smart and with such a good future in store would do such a thing. Then it became known that the young man was a member of a sect, one known for their extreme beliefs.

Not all sects are this extreme, of course. Some “merely” advocate breaking contact with family members who don’t convert. And some sect members are only looking for a piece of bread or a ticket to America.

Perhaps the most dangerous are those who, like a pop star on a recent talk show, when asked if he was a sect member, avoiding the question, said, “Oh, I respect the Armenian Apostolic Church and all they’ve done over the years, but, we all worship the same god, we’re all God’s children...”

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Ara Stepan Melkonian said...

I think that all religious sects should be outlawed from Armenia, and those that are there should be hounded out of the country, leaving the Armenian Apostic Church to improve its mission and gather our people around it. They only serve false gods, split families and destroy national and religious cohesion.
The pernicious influence they purvey undermines all our traditional values, serves to dilute our culture and make our people non-Armenians - individuals who have no ties to our nation...