Sunday, May 3, 2009

A neighbor arrived early in the morning with a jar of madzoon from Aparan, which she had bought from one of several Aparantsis who appear in our district every Saturday. Yet, what was on her mind was the May 1 opposition rally and the talk about giving up Karabagh:

“None of us know what to believe,” she said. “Levon says our government has already agreed to give up Karabagh. Last night on a television interview someone talking for the Republican party said that even Aliev’s language about territorial integrity has changed, that no one plans on giving up Karabagh, that even the Turks don’t expect to get Karabagh back, so why don’t the Armenians believe this? Then why does it seem Karabagh and Armenia are at odds? Remember when Serge wasn’t allowed into Karabagh, and Kocharian had to make arrangements to get him in? Karabaghtsis don’t like Armenia making decisions for them.”

Continuing, she said, “On the other hand, what do Karabaghtsis expect? Everyone there who could, escaped, either to Yerevan or to Russia. Now they want Armenia and the Diaspora to take care of them. Let their own countrymen move back to Karabagh first, show everybody they love their country, then we’ll gladly help them.

“But haven’t you heard, the Russians want to give Karabagh to Azerbaijan, expecting in return for the transport of oil to be by way of Russia. This must be something serious, as Hillary Clinton is meeting with our foreign minister, then going to Azerbaijan. Big things are happening.”


Martin said...

The devil is in the detail. Armenia needs to move away from the politics of the soviet era and its politicians need to start thinking about putting Armenia and Armenians first.Whether from Artashat or Anjar, Armenian is Armenian, and to try to create tribal differences for political gain is crazy. Only the Turks will be smiling!

Andranik Michaelian said...

Armenians seem to be good at creating the tribal differences you talk about, whether for political gain or just plain ego. I think the Turks have been smiling for some time, watching as the Armenians cut their own throats with their lack of unity. All the Turks did in 1915 was help speed up the process, and the Armenians are doing the rest themselves.