Friday, May 22, 2009

After the usual toasts and wishes for a long and bright future, the talk at our friend’s birthday party in Zeytun turned political, which is natural considering the upcoming election for mayor, not to mention the Armenia-Turkey talks and what may or may not come of them. A Hayastantsi Dashnak, a Karabaghtsi, and a non-affiliated Hayastantsi gave their opinions:

“For the first time in my life, I’m voting for Dashnaktsutyun,” the Karabaghtsi (who had fought in Martuni and Mardakert during the war) said. They finally left the coalition, so people are taking them seriously. I think they might actually do something.”

The Hayastantsi, who had fought Azeris along the old border in Zangezur, wasn’t satisfied. “Why do you think they’ve changed? They’re no different than the rest. Everybody knows that the oligarchs here don’t pay taxes. But do you know that Dashnaks who own big businesses here don’t pay taxes? Why don’t they set an example and start paying?”

The Dashnak then told about his recent encounter with several Ter Petrosyan supporters. “They came up to me, completely serious, like they were our saviors. I couldn’t believe what they were saying. ‘On June 5, Serge is going to hand in his resignation. This is because he is giving up Karabagh…’ I told them, ‘Who do you think you are? You are all losers, and you know it. You’re using the bad situation in the country to try and come to power again. I hope you all learn your lesson.’”

The Hayastantsi chimed in, saying, “They don’t know what they’re saying. The war is over. Everything is settled. I don’t care which politician is saying what, be they from Europe, the USA, or Armenia. Can you picture what those living in Karabagh would do if their land was handed back to Azerbaijan? Or what patriotic Hayastantsis would say?”

He then added, “I don’t really like Dashnaks. But I’d vote for them in a minute if they had people who said, ‘we need to have everybody pay taxes, no matter who they are. We need a leader who truly loves Armenia, its land, its water. Enough of the clans, the oligarchs who don’t pay taxes.’ If they, or someone else said this, and followed up on what he said, this country would blossom, overnight.”

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