Monday, May 25, 2009

An 18-year-old musicology student said that even though she rooted for Armenia during the Eurovision competition, she had done it basically because of the ridiculous things the Azerbaijanis were saying, their moaning and groaning and crazy claims about Armenians stealing their land, their songs, and who knows what else, not to mention the book they just published, saying Armenia was Western Azerbaijan… “I guess they don’t know how to read old maps or history books,” she said.

“Most people my age agree that our entry wasn’t a good one, that it didn’t measure up to most of what the Europeans and even the Turks put up, and that our girls were chosen due to their connections. We know that European Armenians voting for Armenia stopped us from being totally embarrassed in the voting. Those making decisions here, even though they talk about how wonderful our contestants were, know deep down they have to choose an act with some life in it to have a chance of winning. People are already talking about who will represent Armenia next year…Razmik, from Karabagh, or Arman Hovhannisyan, from Armenia. Maybe it depends on who’s running the country next year at this time, Karabaghtsis or Hayastantsis.”

The student’s father, quite the patriotic Armenian, continued with his own thoughts on the subject. “We have to support our contestants, no matter what. After what the Azeris are saying and doing, we have no choice. Look at the kind of people they are. First, they lose on the battlefield, and ever since have proven they’re poor losers…destroying Armenian khachkars in Nakhichevan, when Armenians weren’t there to stop them, and hacking to death an Armenian officer who was asleep…I tell you, these people are something. They’re lucky the Russians don’t destroy them, like they destroyed the Georgians. Out of nothing, a conglomeration of small nations and peoples, the Russians created their country, and now they’re feeling brave, with their Turkish and Georgian cousins on the same team. I’ve heard our boys are digging new trenches in the liberated territories. If so, they’re doing the right thing. With the Azeris feeling so brave, who knows what they might try.

“But we don’t have a lot of friends anywhere in the world, as there are those who know that if left alone, Armenians and their country will blossom. For example, look what just happened in Jerusalem when the Pope visited the Armenian Quarter and the Monastery of St. James. The Israelis, in the name of protecting the Pope, sacrileged the church by sending in dogs and policemen…something they wouldn’t have done in a Russian cathedral or any other, for that matter.”

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Martin said...

The trenches may be necessary. I fear a raise in Islamic extremism, either home grown or spreading from Dagestanand chechnya, will catalyse military action in order to allow the Corrupt ex KGB president the Azeris have an excuse to control them.
And...the dramatic fall in Azeri oil revenue means they will reach a mid-term military peak in their capabilites and weapons systems in the next two to three years.

So, their best chance of retaking Artsakh will fall within this window of opportunity.
Motive and means, the trnches are a very good idea, especially where it is flat and Azeri tanks can manouvre, like around Agdam. Tank ditches would be a safer bet!!!