Thursday, March 5, 2009

A friend with close ties to Echmiadzin told that Archbishop Nerses Bozabalian, nearly beaten to death by robbers, is now showing improvement, and will likely recover from the beating. “Most don’t know that Bishop Bozabalian was elected Catholicos, but the voting was falsified,” he said. “They say he was a unifier, and had plans to unite the various factions, political and otherwise, of the church. For some reason, this didn’t go over well, and he was denied becoming Catholicos.”


narain said...

And does your friend have more news now (30th March 2009) ? Is Bishop Bozabalian able to talk, to move, or was there severe brain damage ?
He is an old friend of my family living in Geneva, and we have no way of receiving news.
Shnor hagal em !

Andranik Michaelian said...

A deacon who serves at Yerevan’s St. Hovhannes church told me that Archbishop Bozabalian is still in a coma, and that the prognosis isn’t good. I haven’t heard if there is any progress in the criminal case concerning his attackers, either. Suspicious, to say the least, but all that aside, it’s quite unfortunate that there is nothing positive to report about his health situation.