Monday, March 23, 2009

An Armenian from Germany, hearing about the YSU professors taking bribes, said she didn’t really blame them, as with the low salary they earn, the culture of bribery is a natural result....

As news arrived that the Turks are starting an Armenian-language radio station in a couple of months, our friend first laughed, then turned serious, saying Armenians should be indignant that after years of blockades, both trade and energy, that offering something like the radio station is an insult. “Armenians living in Turkey thought it impossible the Turks would do what they did, deport and murder their own citizens. And this, after 1896, and 1909 in Adana. Now, after the blockades and the recent anti-Armenian film the Turks are showing in their schools, Armenians should turn down these small offers the Turks are making, until they recognize the Genocide. If they don’t consider 1915 as Genocide, what would it take?”

This opinion by a Diaspora Armenian reflects what is thought here by many, yet the average Hayastantsi doesn’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time and effort on the subject. As a Kanaker-based exchange shop owner said on the subject, “First of all, I have to worry about putting bread on the table. Yesterday the Central Bank sent inspectors to our exchange, and they stayed all day, waiting for, perhaps hoping for, some kind of problem, which fortunately they didn’t find. I only hope they don’t decide to shut us all down. Then what?”

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