Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Yerevantsi was fishing in Lake Yerevan, by the American Embassy, when he caught a golden fish. He asked the fish if he could have three wishes, but the fish answered that he could only have one.

The Yerevantsi’s wish was, “Please take at least half of the Karabaghtsis who have settled in Yerevan and send them back to Karabagh.”

The fish answered, in a Karabaghtsi accent, “No way!”

* * *

A fisherman caught a golden fish, and asked the fish to grant his wish. “Please re-create Armenia from sea to sea, as in the time of Tigran the Great,” he said.

“That’s too hard,” the fish answered. “Give me an easier wish.”

“Here’s a picture of my daughter, who is at home, unmarried. My wish is for you to find her a husband.”

Looking at the picture, the fish replied, “I'll grant your first wish...”

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