Monday, May 10, 2010

A heated exchange between a Karabaghtsi and a Yerevantsi:

“If someone from near the Mayr Hayastan monument was shooting grad missiles into Yerevan, Yerevantsis would all escape, not like the Armenians of Stepanakert, who stayed until the end,” the Karabaghtsi boasted.

“In all respect to those Karabaghtsis who fought to defend their homeland, let’s get serious. First, Stepanakert’s Armenians had no chance of getting out in those times. You don’t know if they would have stayed or not. And to say Yerevantsis would flee if someone was shooting missiles at them...who was it that protested by the hundreds of thousands for Karabagh’s independence, and who was it that volunteered by the hundreds, even thousands, to go and defend Karabagh? It was Yerevantsis, along with hundreds from Ararat, Armavair, Talin, Aparan. You should talk about what the Karabaghtsi presidents have done to Armenia, not who would have escaped from where.”

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