Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A program on “R” television featured photographs, music, and information and opinions about Komitas by various experts from the Conservatory and Academy of Science in Yerevan. Interesting was the opinion that Komitas didn’t collect the well known song “Antuni” but may well have written the song. Also, it was revealed that Komitas was actually able to work and create until 1919, four years after the start of the Genocide, and before he apparently lost his sanity. It is known, for instance, that Komitas wrote the children’s song “Hayr Mer,” in which children ask God to protect their parents, after 1915.

Also spoken about was Komitas’ ill treatment by much of the clergy of the time.

In the words of Komitas:

“...The flock, without a shepherd, has gone astray and is perplexed. Invisible and irresistible torrents flow violently in the deep of our persecuted and deplorable life. Thoughtless hunters have surrounded and netted simple-minded fish. The atmosphere emits poison, and there is no remedy against it. Destruction, horror, and unruly oppression on the one side and indifference, xenomania, and muddy hearts on the other! Everyone wears his office as a garment, to hide the nakedness of his mind from naive eyes. Our body is rotten, our soul is polluted, and our life is dead...Where is our wise Khorenatsi? Let him emerge from under the bloody ground and lament over this unripe people’s heart and soul, mind and actions. Our ancestors held their offices devotedly, whereas we plunder their legacy greedily.

                              My heart has collapased.”

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