Monday, April 5, 2010

Less than enjoyable news the day after Easter revealed that in the Armenian Apostolic Church in the Bangladesh district of Yerevan sect members have taken to preaching inside the church itself. According to the church’s priest, in the past, a simple warning that the police were going to be called had the sect members on their way. Now, he said, they have no fear of the police or anyone else.

As an angry relative put it, “In Russia, such nonsense doesn’t happen. These sects have all been declared as extremism, and their members aren’t allowed to preach anywhere, much less in churches. They don’t care what Europe says, or the US for that matter. Why don’t our Parliament members enact laws like this? I suppose for the same reason they allow, or are part of, the moral decay in the country, starting with what’s being shown and promoted on television. What Genocide recognition? What Protocols? The Diaspora should wake up and protest what’s going on here. What’s going to be left of Armenia, even if the US and others recognize the Genocide? This isn’t the Armenia we used to know...people should recognize that.”

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