Saturday, March 27, 2010

Concerning the Armenian National Music Awards held in Yerevan on Friday night: As one of last year’s winners, in the “Best Folk Album” division, Shoghaken was invited to perform at this year’s award show. Interesting developments then occurred, one being word that another contestant in the same division had called the Culture Ministry and protested that Shoghaken had been given the award, and that he therefore wouldn’t be submitting anything again. Also, a day before the show, a higher-up called and said we were ruining things by asking for microphones for all the musicians, saying, “How about setting a microphone in between two musicians,” to which we answered that that wouldn’t work, as the sound of two instruments in one microphone would ruin things for us and the listener alike. We aren’t sure if it was perchance that several of the microphones didn’t work, or worked off-and-on, when Shoghaken was performing during the awards.

The show began with the singing of “Mer Hayrenik.” Along with others, I was shocked to see at least 20 of the “stars” taking turns singing verses of the song…one worse than the next, if I must say. When we asked someone from the Culture Ministry why they allowed such nonsense, he answered, “Jimi Hendrix did it with the American National Anthem, why not this?” To which we answered, “How can you compare these supposed singers with Jimi Hendrix and what he did?”

Comments about the awards show from Hayastantsis of all ages:

“A disgrace.”

“This should be called the ‘anti-national’ awards show. What’s happening in Armenia?”

“Why do people watch this show? Why do they do this to themselves?”

“This is our end.”

“I went home, turned on the television, and heard this braying…”

“Why be surprised? This is Public Television!”

“I’d say the show was good humor, except that it showed the world our most untalented, rabiz layer!”

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