Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Baku-born Armenian woman, disgusted with the basic opinion of many Karabaghtsis that “all was well with the Azeris till Hayastantsis stirred it all up,” told another side of the story: “In Baku, things weren’t as good as some Armenians say. Armenian girls were careful, even scared, to walk the streets. We didn’t use much make-up, or make-up at all, for fear of what might happen. And we know now that the pogroms were planned, that the Azeris were making plans to kill Armenians. They knew where we lived, were planning when to start, and even what methods to use to kill Armenians, everything.”

Things got interesting when a Karabaghtsi injected his thoughts: “But in Baku, Armenians lived like kings. They even had Azeris for servants!” to which the Baku-born Armenian answered, “So what. We were buried in Azeri culture, which was completely foreign to our culture. Don’t you care about that? They kill you, then later you brag about having Azeri servants? You were the servants, you just didn't know it!”

The Karabaghtsi went silent.


Martin said...

In Europe Jews often lived like kings, as they were wealthy, well educated and sucessful. It did not stop them being led to the gas chambers and the lime pits.
Even while it happened there were those who bleated that they should try to show what good Germans they were.
It is a lesson well learned.

Andranik Michaelian said...

True, a lesson well learned; maybe the day will come when the rich and others heed the lesson.