Friday, June 19, 2009

A scientist friend from the engineering department of the Academy of Sciences talked about the situation in neighboring Iran, and how, in his opinion, it could affect Armenia.

“Many Armenians, here and in the Diaspora, don’t understand just how serious the situation in Iran is, and how it could end up spilling over into Armenia. First, the turmoil there won’t end any time soon. We know from experience that when the organization and funding comes from elsewhere, namely the West, as it did in Georgia and Ukraine, nothing ends soon. And Obama’s statement that America shouldn’t get involved in Iran’s affairs...I don’t take that seriously. Iran was too strong for them to attack, so they’re trying to overthrow the government this way.

“One way the West is trying to overthrow the government there is by continuously broadcasting, from Azerbaijan, Turkey, and US-sponsored broadcasts from that area, anti-Iran news and northern Iran, where Azeri Turks live. Actually, they’re not Azeri Turks, but might as well be, as their culture is more similar to that in Azerbaijan than Tehran.

“The tone of these broadcasts is one of Pan Turanism, of a Greater Turkey or Greater Azerbaijan. The West knows, by their experience in Afghanistan, that when they can’t fight a war, or have fear they might lose, they engage the local population.

“Can you picture what plans the Turks and Azeris have concerning Armenia and Karabagh? The Roadmap was good to show the world, but we know what their game plan is.”

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