Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yerevantsis waited today for news from Moscow, concerning the meeting between the presidents of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. As Armenian stations rarely have news updates on Sunday, we, like others we talked with, watched Russian news. If anything was decided on, it wasn’t passed on by Medvedev or the news anchors, as all that was shown was the three presidents signing a document stating that any solution to the Karabagh conflict would be done peacefully. Talk here ranges from the Dashnaks saying they’re ready to take even more territories in Azerbaijan if fighting resumes, to freedom fighters and die-hards saying they’re not about to give up even a handful of soil in the liberated territories, to the Armenian president stating that he won’t sign anything unless peace keepers are placed in the territories (once Armenians pull out), that Armenia retains a land corridor with Karabagh (Lachin), and that the citizens of Karabagh have the right to vote for their future. An important item he left out was the sticky point of whether Azeris would be allowed back in Karabagh proper, as if this is the case, the acceptance of any peace deal by the population here would be in doubt (if that matters to the president and others in power). Watching the Russian news report, a neighbor who was visiting said, “I hope Monte Melkonian and the others who sacrificed their lives for Karabagh and the homeland can’t see what’s going on now. What would Monte say to giving up Kelbajar, after what he and his men went through to take it? And what about the Diaspora Armenians who have given millions to rebuild Karabagh…what will they say if Azeris start moving back, into Shushi, Stepanakert?”

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