Saturday, September 20, 2008

A surprise visit from an old friend resulted in remembering past meetings, talking about how younger family members are doing, and about the political situation in the country:

“My brother fought in Karabagh, under Seifilian’s command. He says Seifilian was a good commander and very dedicated to his nation. Now, fifteen years later, his type isn’t needed or wanted here. When I think about how the presidential election went, then the March 1 events, and now with whom they’re talking about for speaker of parliament and who might be elevated to prime minister, I wonder if all is lost. I wake up at night and think about all this. I see history repeating itself, with the Turks and Russians deciding Armenia’s fate, as they did early last century, when they gave Nakhichevan and Karabagh to the Turks, not long after the Armenians, for some reason, gave up Kars without a fight. Picture this. Gul comes to Armenia. Afterwards, he says the Armenians are ready to give up Karabagh, the territories, who knows what else. Then, Serge says he agrees to a commission to study the Genocide. All this, and no one in the ruling coalition says a thing. Not the Dashnaks, nobody. The Dashnaks organized a few protests when Gul was here, but are saying nothing about giving up Karabagh, only that we should be opening the border with Turkey . . . something most patriotic Armenians here don’t want. It’s clear, if Russia agrees with Turkey for a solution to the Armenian question, Karabagh, or whatever, our government will agree. No one from the ruling coalition will dare open their mouth. Even Levon isn’t for this. But I don’t trust him either. I used to think he answered to the West, but now I think he’s a spy for the Russians. Either way, he hates Armenians, I’m convinced of that. I was at the opposition rally last week. On one hand, it was good to see the large crowd there, some 50,000. And I’ll probably go to the next rally, on the 26th. But those who think Levon will fight for Armenia are misled. What a choice, Levon or Serge. . . .”

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